Monthly Archives: April 2013

#vegan meatloaf… Added too much tofu but it was still tasty 🙂


Changing It Up…

So I have been slowly making some crazy changes in my life… between new jobs and moving to different states every two years things have been really up in the air. In the past few months I have been dealing with some serious stomach issues. In order to combat this I have been making some changes to the food I eat, trying to figure out if there are specific things that trigger my problems…So far I have completely forgone alcohol. I was never a huge drinker before but it was nice to have the option. So no more of that, and I am basically the permanent designated driver. I have also been limiting my animal based protein…especially red meat. Slowly working toward phasing meat out altogether. The most difficult thing to really give up is going to be cheese and eggs, but that is the end goal I will eventually likely be vegan. Hoping this will combat all of the serious stomach problems. 

Tonight is Brown/Wild Rice blend with a Chickpea Tikka Masala. It is prepared Tikka Masala sauce which has some dairy in it, but as I said it is a slow process.